Tennessee to Open Seas

I love sharing my ocean with people. Obviously. LMAO
But bringing kids on the boat – is something that excites me beyond measure. Not only does it mean teaching future generations to care for the ocean – it means there will be others onboard as hyped about animals
AND waves
AND shells
(I can go on forever) as I always am (rare).

Shelly, my mom’s best friend, came to visit us in the keys from Tennessee with her kids.

My family is VERY rough and tumble (understatement of the year). We are wild, nonstop, and will make fun you until you cry. It’s all out of love though. I think.

Exhibit A: my dad dive bombing my brother as he’s struggling to swim back to the boat in heavy currents

Exhibit B:

Shelly and her kids not only took the heat, they dived right in.

We took them out to deep, open waters…

someone did get tini-bit sick

In his defense, it was a very choppy day. So we headed to the Gulf side.

His sister is a mermaid in the making. She wanted to be where the action was at all times – takes after her mom.

I found this sea cucumber… convinced her to hold it for a picture… then told her it was poop. Poor thing went for the ride of it’s life when she flung it over her head.
Mother & Daughter
Magical Shelly

After checking out some mangrove islands we hopped back on the boat for lunch

We started to head back but found a gorgeous patch of sand that needed to be jumped in… like a lot.

Always going with the flow.

The mommies watching the chaos from a distance.

You know you’ve found your passion when you have the patience to teach kids about it.

… especially if you aren’t very patient to begin with.

Mission make kids love the ocean & have fun doing it: success.

Stay Fascinated


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