Thank u, Breck

Since this is my first post since 2018 – HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Last year was amazing and I am so excited for a whole new spring, summer, & fall to adventure throughout. Winter however, I need a little more push to enjoy.

& no one pushes me like my two best friends. Particularly the one that never fails to beg me to move half way across the country with her.

So on the 10th day of 2019 I flew to Denver – again.

I have been there 3 times in the past 6 months so I guess I can officially add a 📍 to my Instagram profile with Denver next to it… right?

Probably not because I genuinely could not live there. Too cold. I sleep with a heated blanket IN MIAMI. EVERY.NIGHT.

So you can imagine how uneasy I was about coming to my third 📍 while the temperatures were approaching low 30s… OKAY Well now imagine that our plan was to spend two days/one night in the mountains – skiing &, you know, fighting death and frostbite for fUuUun…

You guys know I’m outdoorsy – but when its cold, I am pathetically IN-doorsy; but my Denver people are all killer snowboarders and Mitzi (my favorite travel buddy – I am sure you remember her screams from Curacao) is an excellent skier so I lied about my skiing abilities and somehow ended up on a ski lift going up Breckenridge Mountain. Sing it with me Ariana fans: thank u, Breck.

See what we did there?

Quick warning to anyone who has never been skiing: We spent three years getting our gear on once we got there. Thank God Mitzi rented everything ahead of time from Breeze Ski Rentals… all these layers, straps, and ties and poles LORD I almost ended it all right in that shop. Get to the mountain early – like we did… so you can drag your feet – like I did.

Finally it was go time, and if you were there with me you would have had 0 clue that I was absolutely terrified. The last time I skied I was MAYBE 12 years old. Unfortunately for my nerves, my favorite thing to do is over-exaggerate my skills and “wing-it.” We (nauseatingly) skipped the bunny slope and went straight to greens. I should play poker.

Honestly, that first run I thought to myself – “wow! This is nice! I can do this.” Another perk of getting to the mountain early was that there were very few people in the morning. Mitzi and I skied down the green run with no incident.

Now, 100% confident in my abilities, I followed Mitzi right back onto the ski lift without question. We were hoping to meet up with the group as they made their first run down the same green slope.

About 15 minutes into our lift ride I said, “Mitzi, I think we are on a different lift.” She nervously laughed and replied, “yeah I noticed… I can’t even see were it ends.”

My knees went weak. I fantasized about a helicopter hovering over us and plucking me from the danger that approached.

When the landing point finally came into view we were mildly relieved it was a only a blue.

Guys, as someone who hates skiing, I can tell you: skiing is easy. What is hard is getting up. Trying to figure out how to get up is even harder. Remember – Mitzi is a pro. She couldn’t help me get up because she doesn’t fall. A kind instructor took pity on my absurd flailing gave me crash course before going on her way. Thanks to her, I understood the physics behind “getting up” – however it was the execution that defied my grasp.

My Miami Dolphin’s beanie was my savior. Everyone that skied passed us, loved it.

Guys would yell out: “Miamiiii” or “fins up” As they zoomed by. This adoration kept me going. It took us over 2 hours to get down that slope.
My ski fell off twice.

Both my knees twisted right to the verge of snapping.

My fingers were so cold my phone wouldn’t respond to their touch.

I forgot what warmth felt like.

Frostbite began to set in (probably).

After one particularly rough tumble, I decided I needed a break.

“5 minutes” I thought.

Before I could remember that I am Cuban and have no sense of time, some other Miami-enamored macho man shredded his way to my side and grabbed my legs and lifted me to my feet without saying a word.

I begrudgingly thanked him and peered over to Mitzi who was in a laughing fit – fully aware that I was trying to relax but didn’t want to hurt the pride of this handsome stranger. So the beanie had its negatives – but I got so much attention (from men & women alike) that I decided I wasn’t going to take it off the rest of the trip.

We went up the mountain early morning and by the time we made it down that blue slope everyone wanted to eat. My favorite part of the day… besides all the Miami love.

I did one more run after this and then decided that was it for me. I turned in my skies and explored Breckenridge Village on my own –

— until I found fire:

As you can imagine I made myself very much at home and welcomed the carousel of people that stopped through to warm their extremities and make small talk about the Dolphins. There were a surprising number of Miamians. One such character came over and interrogated me a bit about my background and my career; then promptly showed me pictures of his son and asked if I was interested. I can’t make this up.

I hate getting set-up so I politely pretended my phone was ringing and left to get hot chocolate.

Snow Babes

The boys dropped all us ladies off at our Airbnb then left to get pizza and alcohol.

We drank, played Cards Against Humanity, and roasted marshmallows until the wee hours of the morning.

Back home I wake up every morning and take my pups for a walk so I try to keep up the habit and do it while I am on vacation too… but in the snow I ran back inside after maybe 5 minutes.

Snowflakes are pretty though

Ashley, Mitzi, Vanessa, and I all wanted to do the Kylie Jenner bikini-in-the-snow pic.
What can I say? I’m a masochist.

Here is why the Kardashians couldn’t keep up with me: I fell in to snow up to my chest for these. Kyle falls in snow up to her chesticles she is going to have a team of people lifting her out while breathing hot air on to her until she was back insider her mansion. Nicole Jaimee does all her own stunts.

Once everyone got their pics we went to breakfast at the Gold Pan Saloon.

The food was so good we almost forgot to make reservations to go tubbing.

We killed an hour by walking around the adorable little colored village then filed into the cars to start towards Copper Mountain.

Tubing was much more enjoyable than skiing.
Even considering that my outer pants (I had three on) fell a little more with each step.

At the top of the hill, workers (I will refer to them from this point on as “throwers”) would fling you with all their might down which ever lane you chose.

Can you spot the Mitzi?

Note the beanie. The throwers loved it.

Upon request, throwers would fling & spin you so that you went down whirling completely out of control. We did this in twos, threes, fours, and at one point our entire group (8 in total) went screaming down the hill hooking our feet under the person in front of us’ shoulders.

By the time we got back to Denver we were beat. We power napped then got ready for Denver.

You might look at this outfit & think “how was she not freezing.”

FIRST of all the only thing you should look at is how smartly I tied this outfit with my Dolphin’s beanie.

It’s like chongy-chic

Second of all, as Nina explained to me on the phone the night I was packing, ‘you are only cold while you wait for the Uber. Once you get in to most places (the only places we went to) its warm.’

I was dressed perfectly. I, the peacock, and the beanie – my plumage.

We took obligatory flower shots at the Refinery (Mitzi was not a fan) and partied until all the bars closed.

The next day Mitzi, Nina and I went to brunch (still beanied) and then rode motorized Lyft scooters up and down 16th Street Mall. We got souvenirs for people back home then went back to Nina’s apartment to pack.

Good Bye Dinner was at Barcelona.

Yes, I wore my beanie.

At Barcelona, waiters will stand on a stool and pour wine into your mouth.

Ashley & Pat took the juice like champs.

Nina & Robby dropped us off at Union Station after dinner. I cried silently on the train. It’s so hard leaving Nina. It gets harder every time.
Maybe I am starting to love Denver as much as I love Nina & Ashley.

I drowned my heartache in Combos.

Stay Fascinated.

Dushi Curaçao

Relax. “Dushi” means sweet in Papimiento… ya’ pessimists. People there use it as a term of endearment like “sweetie.”

I’m so sorry for how cliché this is but this year, (cue valley-girl high-pitch voice… or Miami super chonga voice with thick brows and a Michael Kors bag [ie my regular voice]) I decided I was going to say yes to everything (except men). Curaçao has been my favorite yes so far.

My best friend is from the small Dutch Caribbean island and asked me if I would like to join her & her boyfriend for a visit. I bought the ticket before she did.

view of Curacao from airplace

Only slightly over 171 sq miles, we were able to see the whole thing from the plane. We glided onto the run away alongside deep blue waters. The airport was muggy. Mitzi warned us that most places on the island lacked a/c but I assumed a large commercial building such as an airport would not fall into that category. As a cold-blooded (yet loving) human-being this was of no concern to me…just surprising.

outside curaçao international airport

Luckily our rental car did have air conditioning. We drove about 30 minutes to Mitzi’s house and settled into our rooms. 

& discussed food


This lead us to Van Den Tweel. The local supermarket. Mitzi’s boyfriend, Ralph, and I wandered up and down the aisles looking for weird things to try. Mitzi proudly translated foreign words for us. Everyone on the island somewhat knows four languages (Papiamento, Dutch, English, and Spanish) and use them all interchangeably and sometimes all in the same sentence.-yet she complains when I use “jaja” instead of “haha”

Apparently they eat a lot of cheese here.

Cheese wheels

So I felt right at home.

Oh, do you not know of my cheese obsession?… well now you do.

cheese wheels

In true first-world fashion, we arrived home from the grocery, had 0 interest in cooking, and went to Mitzi’s favorite restaurant, Texas Alaparia.

There I tried funchi, a local staple. Funchi is the love child of polenta and arepas… its crispy yet soft and goes perfectly with shredded gouda. It was our appetizer before a huge plate of barbecued meats, fries, and pinda sauce… which is peanut sauce… No, not like the Asian peanut sauce… it is Dutch and tastes like salty, liquid peanut butter. Mitzi, Ralph and the whole Halley clan love it… but I just couldn’t hop on the band wagon. No matter how many times I tried it (which was daily because I’m a trooper). I don’t have a picture of it but just microwave a scoop of peanut butter with some water and you’ll get the full experience. 

Early Owl Gets the Mango

I’m an early owl (& if that’s not a thing it should be). I can stay out late and still be up with the sun in the morning. Mitzi, on the other hand, threatened me with death against waking her up before 9 am. So every morning I would quietly let myself out the front Dutch doors and better acquaint myself with the neighborhood. It was easy killing time in this small pocket of heaven, lush with flowers, mangos, and cats.

One morning, Mitzi’s father (who I affectionately call PapaMitzi) gave me a private tour of the area. He pridefully showed me all the work he has done in the neighborhood, named all the fruit trees as we passed them (most of which he had planted himself), and detailed all his plans for the future.

Cuban Coffee ingredients

I was always either too early or came back from my walk too late to eat breakfast with anyone – but I enjoyed it just the same… watching me eat mangos isn’t pretty anyway. 

This set up was usually laid out waiting for me. 

Curacao Pictures

We spent a whole day planning out our week. So while Mitzi negotiated with people in Papiamento, I ran around and took pictures. 

yellow submarine on land

funny beer diving sign


Downtown Curaçao is split into Punda and Otrobanda. Two mini cities connected by a colorful floating bridge. The Queen Emma bridge. As cruise ships come to port the pontoon bridge floats open and lets them pass. 

Dushi sign curaçao

Mitzi will want me to let you know that she got dressed first.

giant iguana statue
curacao sign

Punda is where you can get souvenirs, Americanized foods, and all the cliche pics.

We ate lunch at the Iguana Cafe watching the bridge swing open and closed for boat traffic.

The whole island is very colorful but downtown even more so. Alley ways are painted and artists set up shop all along the streets. 

Over the Bridge & Through the Mountains 

to grandmother’s house we went. 

Curacao Mountain

Dilapidated buildings turned into mountains as we crossed the island.

Curacao Mansion
Curacao Architecture

Their house is stunning. The couple designed it themselves to sit perfectly on the side of a mountain overlooking the bay. 

There are no words for it’s beauty.

Dutch family

Here we have Mitzi’s grandfather, Aunt Zunny, Mother (also named Mitzi), and grandmother. 

wise old woman

I spent as much time as possible talking to her grandmother and grandfather but couldn’t stop myself from repeatedly drifting outside.

I am Cuban. I grew up listening to my grandparents speak about Cuba’s majesty… how jungled mountains peer over it’s oceanic shores. This house took me to all those daydreams.

We watched the sunset and drove home in silence.

sunset over ocean

Curacao Buggy Tours

We spent half a day on a buggy tour around the West side of the island. We met with the group and drove through the city until we reached the dirt roads.

Our first stop was the rocky coast. 


(birds of a feather)

She did not die.

After some *light* mudding, our guides had us line up our buggies in two files and we hiked into the Hato Caves. As soon as we hoisted ourselves through the mouth of the cave we were surrounded by bats overhead. Or as I like to call them, adorable flying teacup puppies. 

Our last stop was at the Ostrich Farm. Here we felt a bit mislead because we were not allowed to actually go see the ostriches (you would have had to come back and paid to take the Ostrich Farm tour)… but there were some other animals we were able to see.

Mambo Beach Party

mambo beach party

Although we went out for dinner a few times we only went out-out once. Every local I asked “what kind of nightlife is there on the island?” gave me the same answer: Mambo Wednesday nights. So I made Mitzi & Ralph take me to Mambo Wednesday night. It is really beautiful and definitely my kind of night out. Mambo is within a resort area and is just bar on a beach that plays music. 

couple kissing at night on beach
love birds 

It may relieve you to know: I enjoy being third wheel.

So me & my new favorite beer, Amstel Light, had a fantastic evening:

girl drinking at beach bar

We hung out for a bit and left early… well at midnight. Which is early for a Miamian. 

Klein Curaçao

catamaran sailing into bay

Klein Curaçao (which translates to “Little Curaçao”) was once a bountiful island used as a breeding ground by seabirds and landing point for monk seals. Unfortunately, it was discovered by humans (gag reflex), ravaged by farmers and their goats (preventing the birds from returning), it’s monk seal population was completely wiped out by hunters, then the island was mined down to sea level as a result of Europeans harvesting all it’s phosphorus reserves (from the bird poop), and eventually used as a quarantine place for sick and dying slaves that were being transported from Africa… such a rich history. It’s one point of revenge was all the ship’s that wrecked there since it is so flat and hard to spot – no for sure one of my many souvenirs from Curaçao is an African slave ghost and his headless monk seal ghost buddy & talking sea bird ghost pet. Not a third wheel after all #ghostboyfriend 

It was a slow 1.5 hours sail to the island me laying on hull netting between my Curaçao adoptive parents (Mitzi & Ralph). You could never tell the island’s dark past pulling into it’s sapphire blue waters and white sand beaches.

I was calm and slow moving the whole ride there but as soon as I could see the highlighter-blue water and anchored boats I worked myself into a frenzy. I have a hard time staying out of the water. I am sure reading this you think it’s cute but Mitzi (and my mother) will attest to it not being so. As I hastily put on my mask & ranas Mitzi only barely held my attention long enough to ask me what should be done with my travel pack.

The water was crystal clear and I got some amazing shots to share with you guys.

& videos:

Caribbean Blue Tang, Smooth Trunkfish, Needle Fish, Doctorfish, Jack
Bonefish School
Striped & Spotlight Parrotfish, more trunkfish, gobies, grunt, squirrelfish, butterflyfish, sergeant major  
Peacock Flounder
Goldentail Eel

However, my lack of technological know-how combined with my even worse lack of patience meant I had to make due without the dive-housing for my GoPro.
Long story short: I didn’t realize you had to pop off the square outter lense of the GoPro to get it to fit into the dive housing (WHICH IS IDIOTIC GOPRO DESIGNERS FYI). So, I assumed I bought the wrong thing and dove in without it. It wasn’t a problem close to shore but once I hit about 30\40 ft… my poor little GoPro would beep frantically and shut off resulting in a lot of videos like this:

GoPro goes too deep

Super anticlimactic – Insanely frustrating. 

Especially since I can’t judge distance to save my life so it happened a lot. 

The entire island is surrounded by a steep ~90 ft drop where the neon water turns royal blue. Diving on this edge I saw massive barracuda, a multitude of different fish, and a group of sea turtles. But I can’t prove it because I had to leave the GoPro floating on the surface for these long dives. The barracuda were some of the fattest I’ve seen and would follow just beyond the reach of my fins during my ascend… but this didn’t stop me. Alone and far from rescue, I (dramatically) decided in the event that these ‘cuda do frenzy and attack, that I had lived an amazing life and that it would be okay to die here doing what I love. At the jaws of some of my favorite fish so, you know ~whatever~ just happy to be apart of the circle (of life – you uncultured swine). 

On the other side of this coral reef mountain is the drop. The base of it (I learned through trial and error) was the GoPro’s max depth. FRUSTRATION

I ignored it as long as I could but at one point I made eye contact with a VERY cute white-bikini-wearing little dot frantically trying to get my attention from shore. Which I knew could only be my favorite Curaçao Princess.

She was calling me in for lunch which was included on our excursion with Blue Finn Charters. The spread was bountiful but I just had a few chicken wings and was right back on my way. Max dive time.

I swam around and waited for my buddies to finish eating so I could pester them into exploring the land with me. No rest for the – any one that is with me pretty much anywhere. sorrynotsorry

The only animals on land were these whiptail lizards that would eat the purple sea purslane flowers which are the succulent looking plants that cover much of the Klein Curaçao the way grass normally would. The muddy areas near the beach were pink and red and anything else was washed up coral.

Blue tail lizard Klein Curacao

Can you hear the sass when she says “the lizard?” The “IDIOT” was silent.

 TBH I was powerwalking because I wanted to get the land stuff over with so I could get back in the water… and also DID YOU HEAR THE SASS IN THE PREVIOUS VIDEO? That was just a small snippet. Mitzi is that “ride or die” kind of friend that has A LOT of questions… & all the snarky commentary.

I seriously love her ❤ 

Directly on the other side of these shipwrecks is an abandoned light house.

We climbed to the very top of the light house on the world’s steepest stairs and made it back down in one piece… well kinda.

Mitzi & Ralph very adorably BOTH got leg cramps as we were leaving the lighthouse. Relationship goals.
I laughed my ass off but kept walking because I wanted some more dive time. Had the roles been reversed I promise they would have done the same. There’s a lot of savagery in my friend group. 

The sail back was a party.

Dutch dance music blasted and alcohol was delivered on demand.  I chugged rum punch and made friends with the captain while occasionally breaking up Mitzi & Ralph’s super adorable little love fest. My ghost-boyfriend wasn’t giving me enough attention.

Jan thiel Beach 

As is customary for last days, it was bittersweet. I was excited to get home to see my family and friends but Curaçao tugged my heart strings more than most places usually do. 

We spent the morning and early afternoon at Jan Thiel Beach which was only a 5 minute drive from Mitzi’s house. Her father would tell you it’s a five minute walk… that he did through snow and high winds… but I assure you it would take us a day to walk there. Not even accounting for us inevitably getting lost. Or kidnaped… because we are ~like~ really cute. 

two girls laughing with flowers
I’d kidnap us ❤

The first thing we did was take pics. You’ve seen some of these on my instagram… but in the name of transparency I wanted to show you the bloopers. So you’ll see my insta worthy-shots, sitting atop their equal and opposite counterparts – i.e. me yelling or making weird faces.

& again:

~FYI – if you haven’t already – you can go check out my
Instagram page to see my Curaçao highlight~

My plan was to just lay on the beach and relax for a change so I left my mask & ranas in the car. I should have known myself better. There was a floating platform just beyond the shore that we wanted to take pictures at… so I walked my happy ass to the car and got my mask – because well what if theres some cool fishies to take pics of?

Janthiel Beach bay


Girl swimming underwater

Being a tomboy who always wants to look fabulous is tough work.

Exhibit A: me on the way to take cute pics at the floating dock with gold hoop earrings and aviators. The struggle is very real.


girl climbing ladder from ocean

It struck me here that I had no interest in relaxing… so once we were done I walked my scowling-muttering-to-myself-what-an-idiot-I-am ass to the car AGAIN to get my ranas…

Worth it.

The tent figure in the first picture above is Janthiel beach where I left Mitzi & Ralph while I explored the ocean bay. As I approached the opposite shore the waves tossed me around and I found a lot of upturned coral heads… so I flipped them back over and that’s how I spent most of my time. 

I came across a ship wreck on the swim back to Jan Thiel. 

I was able to take these two videos before Mitzi called me from shore… time to head home.

How deep was it? 5 ft? 30 ft? 10? I have no clue. 

0 spacial awareness… if you have an idea from the videos please feel free to let me know how deep you think that was because people keep asking me…

sunken shipwreck

It was a nice parting gift to come upon this wreck but I do wish I had more time to explore it. 

We all quickly showered and sat down to one last meal in Curaçao. The muggy airport was packed with people but we managed to all sit together. The nice thing about being third wheel in a plane is that you always get the window seat. WINNING

I love these two so much. I am so grateful to Mitzi and her family, as always, for opening up their homes to me and putting up with my madness. 

girl going down ladder into water blowing kiss

Th-th-that’s all folks ❤

Stay fascinated!